Agilent Technologies Seals New Collaboration with Belgian University


Agilent Technologies said Wednesday it extended a collaboration with Belgium’s University of Leuven to focus on detecting genetic abnormalities in cell-free DNA and embryo biopsies.

Over the past few years, the company said interest in cell-free DNA analysis has increased since it can be used to perform non-invasive prenatal testing and also because cfDNA can be found in liquid biopsies from cancer patients.

The two parties will also investigate solutions for pre-implantation genetic testing and believe that a commercial solution for PGT analysis could be available as early as this year.

“During the last ten years the laboratory has been developing innovative approaches to analyze single cells, embryos and cell-free DNA. The collaboration with Agilent allows us to make the products user-friendly, speed up the clinical implementation, and reach out worldwide,” said Joris Vermeesch, chair of the university’s Centre for Human Genetics.