EyeGate Pharma Jumps 11%


EyeGate Pharmaceuticals were up 11% on Monday morning after the company reported positive data from the third stage of a phase 1b/2a trial evaluating iontophoretic EGP-437 as a treatment of ocular inflammation and pain in post-surgical cataract patients.

The company said that a positive response of reduced anterior chambell cell count was observed in patients in both of the EGP-437 treatment arms. Patients receiving the treatment at both dosing levels experienced reduced pain at all time points, the company added.

“We are particularly excited by the outcomes in the 4.5 mA-min treatment arm, which compare favorably to both the placebo arm of this trial and historical data for the current standard of care on reduction in ACC count and improvement in pain score. The data from all stages of this study will form the basis for a randomized, double-masked, placebo controlled trial of iontophoretic EGP-437 in cataract surgery patients, which we expect to initiate in the first half of 2017,” said EyeGate chief medical offier Barbara Wirostko.