Wall Street market suffers from losses

Wall Street market suffers from losses

Tuesday was very unhappy for Wall Street traders, as they had to make deal with losses that were made by the falling of Apple Inc stocks.

If you still don’t know what is happening with the biggest tech corporation, Irish government who hosted the main headquarters of Apple, force them to pay 14.5 billion dollars as taxes.

It is the fourth time in the session of five when S&P 500 index shares fall down. However, this month report will be closed with 1 percent gain.

The situation on the market was partly saved by the financials. They received gains after the speculations about Fed raising the interest rate begin to spread wider.

Experts believe that the new official job data, which will be released this Friday, will show almost 180 000 new more vacant places and low rates of jobless Americans. If the situation in August will be positive, representatives of the Fed will consider the possibility to raise the interest rates this September. If not, it will be the main excuse to hold interest rate at the same position.

Stanley Fischer, the vice head of Fed, giving his interview this Tuesday assured that situation at the job market must be straight and powerful enough to provide new interest rates.

Right now, Fed is waiting for the official reports from different branches of national economy, to understand whether it is possible to change rates and will not feel the negative influence a little bit later in the next year.