The main prediction for the dollar

The main prediction for the dollar

Today, American national currency was flat and stayed equal to 103.05 Japanese yen. However, the night before was very significant for the dollar. After the predictions for the interest rates increase, dollar rose to 103.135 yen.

Now, this currency has reached its strongest level since the end of July. During the month dollar climbed up 0.9 percent, which worries national entrepreneurs and huge corporations.

According to Lien, if the American dollar will pass this sum in 103.50 Japanese yen, it will go straight forward to 104.

Today situation with the index of dollar towards the main basket of six global currencies is the same, and holding at 96.012. Its biggest top during the night was 96.143, so the difference is not as big, as experts predicted. We can tell you for sure, that this number is the biggest in August. Probably, it will have an increase in the monthly rate, and will have 0.5 percent of the gain.

Euro is on its rise as well. However, during this day, the national currency of European Union climbed up only by 0.1 percent. It costs 1.11485 American dollars today.

Both, European and British currencies are suffering from the British decision to leave the EU at the beginning of summer. National banks of both are thinking about a new stimulus. However, many analysts believe that this is not the best option, even though it became very popular idea on the global financial markets.