Dollar rose and Chinese shares too

Dollar rose and Chinese shares too

Stocks in the Chinese index CSI 300 were up today, with an increase in 0.4 percent. At the same time, Shanghai Composite index rose 0.2 percent.

They are keep climbing up, and reaching the monthly gain of 3.4 percent for .SSEC and 3.8 percent for .CSI300.

As for the Hong Kong index Hang Seng, it gained 0.1 percent during today. It is ready to close the August with the 5.1 percent more.

European stocks are waiting for the USA job report as well. French CAC 40 index gained 0.5 percent during the early trading. German DAX lost 0.01 percent. British FTSE 100 index rose up slightly by 0.05 percent.

This week’s trading is going under the pressure of Fed decision. Investors are waiting for some direct information from them. They received signals from Janet Yellen and her colleague Stanley Fisher, who were very positive about interest rates hike in September.

Another factor that has a huge influence on the current situation at the global market is the official data from the USA about the non-farm payrolls. It is coming on Friday, and will represent the situation in August and form the prediction for September.

According to experts, there must be 182 000 new jobs this month, and the lowering rate of jobless citizens by 4.8 percent. If the report will show good results and growth in the economy, Fed will have all the arguments to raise the interest rates. Even if they have promised to hike it until the end of the year, representatives of Fed say that they are ready to raise it this fall.